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About Veronika Childs

Veronika Childs is an author, speaker, podcast host, and mom. Through her creative projects, she works to inspire others to make an impact. Encouraging readers to serve others, follow their passions, and "heal it forward."

After experiencing a significant amount of childhood trauma, Veronika spent most of her life living on the sidelines. In 2019, Veronika had a health scare that became a catalyst for change in her life. By sharing her story, she brought abuse out of the shadows. Now, through the characters in her stories, she hopes to be a voice for others like herself so that no one has to feel alone in their pain.

Published Works


Within the Walls
Peoples of Wintenaeth Fan Series

Tensions mount, and war is at hand in Wintenaeth. The Airgid have begun their march across The Four Kingdoms and with so many pieces in play and so much at stake, intelligence is everything. Thousands of Airgíd spies, known as The Rhith, have infiltrated the courts of The Four Kingdoms, but one spy may determine the fate of them all.

Works Published Elsewhere

The Power of Art - When My Feelings Can't Talk

A delightful rhyming story about discovering and expressing emotions through art that is sure to inspire readers to put their own feelings down on paper.

From Embers and Ash: A Collection of Poems about Heartache, Transformation, and Healing Trauma

A collection of poems about heartache, transformation, and healing childhood trauma.

Exploring the complex themes of abuse, grief, loss, love, depression, mental illness, and healing; it is a raw and personal deep dive into the anguish and turmoil faced when we battle our demons.

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