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Submission Your Manuscript


Not Accepting Submissions Currently

Thank you for your interest

We appreciate you for considering Story-weaver Publishing as your publisher. We strive to help our authors bring their books to life with quality and excellence, and we hope to work with you as well.

Below is the list of genres we are, and are not, accepting. Please make sure to review it before submitting your manuscript to us as we will not respond to any submissions falling outside our accepts genres. If you have a question or would like clarification on something, please visits the Contact Us page and fill out the form there.

In both regards, we look forward to hearing from you.


We Accept


Epic tales. Legendary heroes. Fantastical worlds.

Young Adult

Coming of age. High stakes. Grand quests.


Mid-length read readers enjoy.


High-speed chases. Spy vs. Spy. Heart-pounding action.

Science Fiction

Galactic battles. Alien planets. Strange creatures.

New Adult

Challenging topics. Deeper insights. Complicated dynamics.


Grim futures. Totalitarian governments. Depraved man.

Single short stories

Short reads people will love.

Middle Grade

Fun adventures. Good friends. Exciting journeys.

Historical fiction

Rich history. Classical tales. Real-life inspiration.


Sweeping landscapes. Roguish heros. Priceless treasures.

Short story collections

Anthologies that inspire.


We Do Not Accept


We will no support sexually explicit content.


Since our aim is Fiction, we have chosen to not publish non-fiction works.


We don't want nightmares.


The Bible is clear, and as such, we will not publish nor promote this type of content.

Literary Fiction

Our heart is for genre fiction, so we will not delve into this.


There are plenty of publishers out there who are willing to publish.


This is a broad category with several sub-categories, so if you have questions, contact us about your story.

Guidelines for Submission

How to Submit

If you are interested in submitting your story to us, please read and follow the guidelines and allow for up to 14 business days for a reply.

  • Please include a query letter introducing yourself and your manuscript. We would love to know if you have published before or if it's your first time. If you have a website or socials, please include these as well, along with a summary of your manuscript and the final word count. 

  • Your manuscript should be in Times New Roman font.

  • Size 12 font

  • Double spaced

  • Submitted as a Word document and attached to your email. No Google Drive.

  • Please label your email LASTNAME_BOOK TITLE_SUBMISSION.docx

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