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We have curated worksheets created by S. D. Howard as a list of free resources for authors to help them on their writing journey. As worksheets are made, we will add them to this growing list for anyone and everyone who might find them helpful at no charge. We hope these will bless you and help you as you write.

Getting Your Story Started | Defining Your Why

Why do you want to be an author? What are you writing for? Download this worksheet and work through the exercises to find out.

Getting Your Story Started | Setting Writing Goals

How do you create realistic writing goals that help you reach the finish line? Download the worksheet to figure out how.

Getting Your Story Started | Creating Interesting and Relatable Characters

Vanilla characters are boring. But how do you create characters with depth that creates interest and investment from the reader? Download the worksheet to find out how to build characters readers will love.

Getting Your Story Started | Creating a Writing Atmosphere

Where do you go to create? A special room or coffee shop? The library or a bus? Download the worksheet and figure out how to create a writing atmosphere wherever you are.

Getting Your Story Started | Brainstorming

Brainstorming can hinder as much as it can help, so how can you do it effectively? Download the worksheet and find easy tricks for better brainstorming sessions.

Getting Your Story Started | The Plot Donut

Anyone can tell a story, but not everyone knows how to thread it together into a solid plot. Download the worksheet to discover how you can weave together better plots that pull your readers in.

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