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Honoring the Art of Storytelling

At Story-weaver Publishing LLC, our aim is to honor God and the beautiful art of storytelling. One way we do this is by publishing intriguing, meaningful, and intricately woven narratives, and not shying away from the darker side of life.


That's why we provide a home for authors tackling difficult topics and challenging questions, all while staying true to God's word. The Bible doesn't shirk from things, and we don't believe authors should either.

Our Vision

Honest | Raw | Gritty

The Christian publishing industry has focused on two primary areas: Romance and Non-Fiction. Between those, there are amazing indie publishers providing a space for Christian Fiction. However, S. D. Howard, the founder of Story-weaver Publishing, noticed there were few places for books of a darker tone or that dealt with more sensitive topics.

The long-term goal is to provide a home for Christian authors who feel called to tackle the darkness to thereby shine the Light. This by no means excludes authors who write lighter material or ones that are not overtly Christian in nature.  

What We Are

Hybrid Publisher

S. D. Howard's publishing journey started with hybrid publishing, and he saw the tremendous opportunity it provided to authors who wanted to go indie, but didn't necessarily have all the resources.

The combination of crowdfunding and hybrid publishing brings together so many possibilities, which is why we aim to pair the two together for the benefit of the author.

By crowdfunding the cost of publishing, the author is not only able to cover their costs to publish, but also pre-sell their book to family, friends, and fans. Doing this also allows authors to have stretch goals like getting a hardcover edition, or paying a narrator to create an audiobook.

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