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We love hearing about our authors in the media or on podcasts. To honor their hard work, we want to showcase their interviews and accomplishments.

Open Book

How to Brainstorm your book and writing a novel that your readers can’t put down

The Biz Essential Podcast • Aug 17, 2021

Writing a book is a process that involves building your ideas into a story with intentionality and purpose. Knowing where you want to start, your turning point, and how you want to end is vital in communicating your story effectively.

Image by Annie Spratt

Discussing Abuse With A Survivor

Bible Conversations Podcast • Dec 11, 2020

Tackling a difficult topic with someone who has lived through some of the horrors of abuse.

Wooden Theme

Themes, Meaning and Introducing Tough Questions w/ S. D. Howard

Books by Authors Podcast • Dec 14, 2020

Discussing writing about sensitive topics and exploring large questions in your novel.

Reading Glasses on Book

Stephen Howard "Christian Fiction is just Amish romance"

A Slice of Beef • Nov 17, 2020

All the steps an independent writer needs to go through to get their book published.

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