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Support the Mission

Our mission is to help authors share their incredible stories with readers around the world and bring glory to God. As a startup, we’ve prayerfully made the decision to take on more financial risk when publishing. Our utmost desire is to help authors, which means we work hard to minimize author fees and maximize their royalties.

This doesn’t just benefit authors but it benefits our readership, too! Supporting our mission means we’ll get to publish more, and readers will have access to more high-quality Christian genre fiction.

Our long term goal is to be able to accept books and not have crowdfunding as a main option because we'll have enough to cover the costs for editors and cover designers. Until then, if you choose to support us in this mission, 100% of the donations will go toward:

  • Buying ISBNs in bulk

  • Website maintenance & fees

  • Covering crowdfunding fees from Kickstarter/Indiegogo

  • Distribution fees


Donations go toward these things, and these things only. We thank you for supporting not only the publisher, but our authors, current and future, as we publish books that are honest, raw, and gritty.

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