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Paper Abstract
Paper Abstract

About S. D. Howard

S. D. Howard grew up on Tolkien and Fantasy, and at sixteen, he began his journey to becoming a published author. Through his love for telling good stories, he became a Developmental Editor and an Author Coach, helping fellow storytellers like himself bring their stories to life.

Howard’s writing tackles issues of abuse, trauma, the perils and triumphs of faith, and, most importantly, the sovereignty of God through the lens of a fantastical world. Within the stories, survivors of trauma will find comfort in the fact that they are not alone. Those who haven’t experienced trauma are given a glimpse of what they can do to walk beside someone who has.

Paper Abstract

Published Works


The City of Snow & Stars
Cities of Wintenaeth Trilogy

Filled with sweeping landscapes, terrifying creatures, and incredible legends, Wintenaeth is a land held together by a fragile peace. After the fall of the Old Airgíd Empire, four kingdoms rose from the ashes and now rule, but the Airgíd are not gone, nor have they forgotten what was done to them.

The City of Stone & Sorrow (Coming 2023)
Cities of Wintenaeth Trilogy

War is coming to Wintenaeth, and betrayal looms in every court. The Four Kingdoms' alliance is in tatters, and the Airgíd see an opportunity to take back their empire, starting with Canämor. Launching an attack in the middle of winter, they hope to take them by surprise. 

Guest Author

A Breeze so Soft & Gentle
Where Giants Fall Anthology

A fantasy short story based on the miscarriage of S. D. Howard and wife's first child. Told from the perspective of Jayden, from the Cities of Wintenaeth Trilogy, it delves into the pain of loss and healing.


Within the Walls
Peoples of Wintenaeth Fan Series

Tensions mount, and war is at hand in Wintenaeth. The Airgid have begun their march across The Four Kingdoms and with so many pieces in play and so much at stake, intelligence is everything. Thousands of Airgíd spies, known as The Rhith, have infiltrated the courts of The Four Kingdoms, but one spy may determine the fate of them all.

Maeve's Lambs
Peoples of Wintenaeth Fan Series

Maeve grew up despising the slave trade and everything it stands for. In the city of Caudor, she opened a tea shop where she and her husband Alf take in the people they manage to free. Each one carries a special place in her heart, and she sees herself as a shepherd, and they, her lambs. 

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