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Updated: Dec 11, 2022

All things book and publishing related.

Welcome to The Nook. The purpose of this blog is to discuss writing, editing, publishing, and marketing for authors. From the tips and tricks we've learned, to insights from other authors, we aim to help you publish successfully.

Let's look at the kinds of things we'll be posting about.


How does someone craft a bingeable book? How many words should be in a chapter? How do you write interesting characters? All of these are excellent questions, and ones many authors often ask themselves.

We'll be adding posts that answer these questions and more.


Where do you find good editors? How do you self-edit a novel? What tools are the best to use when editing?

Finding an excellent editor can be difficult. Self-editing requires work. And let's not get started on how many editing tools are out there now (we will in the future). Needless to say, there are a lot of layers we look forward to exploring.


How does someone self-publish? Is it free to do? What is hybrid publishing? How do you get an agent? Is Traditional publishing worth it?

There used to be one way to publish, but now, anyone can upload something and say they are a published author. What many people fail to understand, however, is how involved publishing can be, no matter how you do it. We'll dive into the different ways to do it, and some of the pitfalls we've seen.


How do you get your books into bookstores? How do you set up an author website? What about newsletters and social media?

There are endless ways to market a book, but not all are beneficial for every author. How you go about it matters and should be intentional. Unless you have a personal assistant (wouldn't that be nice), marketing is going to primarily fall on you.

Get comfortable

Pull up a chair, grab your comfy clothes, and settle in with your drink of choice as we kick off our journey along the road of publishing.


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