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Yakira Goldsberry

Author & Lover of fairytails

Shoríal shuddered. “We were never made to be killers.”

“We were never made for a lot of things.” [Mahví]


A Star so Bound and Broken

About Yakira Goldsberry

Yakira is the author of the Tales of Faerie Land series, as well as several short stories published in anthologies and an online magazine. When not writing, she can be found feeding feral librarians, reading, or attempting to learn foreign languages. Her one mission in life—set the world afire with truth

Published Works


Curse of the Midnight King 
Tales of Faerie Land #1

In this retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses and Cinderella, Faye must sacrifice herself to save her sisters, or risk them being trapped in the Underworld forever, suffering from the curse she helped create.

A Star so Bound
and Broken


When Jorrin was a child, a star saved his life. Now he returns the favor by hiding the stars from the power-hungry Rahim Padishah, ruler of the harsh desert country of Shakaj. When his best friend is taken by the Star Hunters Jorrin must find her in five days or else risk losing her forever.

Guest Author

The Princess is Buying Stabby Things
(Crowns: A Heartbooks Anthology)

Authors Brittany Eden and Brigitte Cromey have collaborated as co-editors to bring you CROWNS, a royal-themed anthology, which features a fantasy romance novella by Brigitte Cromey and a curated collection of short stories, flash fiction, poetry, photography, and art.

Finding God in Anime: A Devotional for Otakus

Welcome to the second installment of the acclaimed devotional: Finding God in Anime! Each bite-size piece comes straight from the passionate otaku souls in our collective of Christian authors. You will find anime-inspired pieces from across tons of beloved genres within this devotional, and each one presents a unique and Biblical outlook on your favorite shows!

The Heights We'll Fly To

A ship that rides the wind, a girl who can’t stay on the ground, a battle to regain flight, and an unexpected visit from the gods of the sky.

This aerial collection spans genres, ranging from poems of the sun to stories that exhibit the pure joy of being weightless.

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