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Alexandra Wendt

Author | Eclectic blazer collector | Story-weaver

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If we kick down the pillars we were built upon, what are we left with?
Of Constellations and Clockwork

About Alexandra

Alexandra writes fantasy novels inspired by historical settings. After graduating with a BA in English and art history, she made it to Florence, Italy. There, she got her MA in Italian Renaissance art, with a focus on fifteenth-century Siena and Florence and pictorial representations of sainthood and mysticism. She now uses her degree to influence her stories and currently works as an editorial writer. She lives in northern Italy with her husband and infant son.

When she’s not writing, Alex is passionate about music and can be found listening to JohnnyCash, singing with her choir, or playing the flute. She also enjoys trying new kinds of whisky and adding to her eclectic collection of blazers

Of Constellations
and Clockwork
(COMING 10/2024)

In a crumbling republic where the ancient system of values—and the noble families who upheld it—has been torn down, Clemenza Giudice, a clockmaker, has one goal: do whatever it takes to regain her family’s noble status. Even if another noble dies as a result.

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